National Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)

The MRV capacity centre is an interdisciplinary centre at Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Hawassa University, established in 2015. Together with departments, the centre is engaged in MRV education and training in Forestry, Climate Smart Agriculture, and Renewable Energy. The centre continually observes, analyses, and identifies gaps in national MRV activities and determines the needs for MRV methodology development and training. Consequently, it initiates the necessary research projects and organizes relevant short-term trainings for MRV professionals as well as facilitate community based MRV activities. The MRVCC will also strive to create a platform for MRV actors’ cooperation and consultation while also maintaining interaction with international partners towards promoting the contribution of international specialists in MRV development in Ethiopia. The centre maintains a high-tech and up to date spatial data infrastructure facility that serve as a national resource centre in MRV.

about us

The MRV Capacity Centre is an interdisciplinary and science-based Centre of study, which embraces the basic and applied sciences in Measuring, Reporting and Verification and that will experience a unique challenge not only in terms of generating field methodologies but also policy briefs.

What we do

Organize tailored capacity building training courses on MRV methods in forest resources assessment and monitoring, renwable energy utilisation and managment.

Web based spatial data infrastructure is established at MRV capacity center.

Adequate internet connectivity established at the MRV Capacity Center. 

Msc theses produced by graduate students supported by the National MRV Capapcity Building Project made available on the website of the Center.

  • GHG measuring facility established at the Soil and Plant Analysis laboratory of the college.
  • MRV training computer laboratory established at the college.
  • Forest pathology and Entomology Laboratory provided with molecular biology laboratory equipment and other facilities.
  • Renewable energy field and laboratory equipment procured for the college



Five staff members on sponsored for PhDstudies in MRV related fields (forest resource assessment and monitoring, renewable energy utilisation and management, and Climate samrt agricultural landscape assessment) at NMBU



Short term training

Twelve academic staff received tailored short term training in MRV fields (forest resource assessment and monitoring, climate smart agricultural landscape assessment, and renewble energy utilization and mangment); and ten administrative staff trained in financial management, and procurement & property adminstration.


Masters programs

Three MRV related Masters programs (Forest Resource Assessment and Monitoring, Climate Smart Agricultural Landscape Assessment and Renewable Energy Utilization and Management) launched and actively running in the college


Our mission and vision


The mission of the MRVCC is contributing to the achievement of Ethiopia’s REDD+ and CRGE goals through education and research in MRV as well as serving as a resource centre on MRV related issues.


By 2030, the MRVCC envisions becoming a nationally and internationally recognized institute that trains manpower at different levels, while maintaining high standards in education, training and research in MRV and other fields related to climate change.


Msc. Students
MRV Computer Laboratories
Professionals from stakeholder institutions trained
staff actively engaged


Long institutional experience in educational (on-job, short term, and long term) training, research and community services in MRV related fields and natural resource management.


WGCFNR is well positioned to be a center of excellence in MRV owing to its longstanding experience in training, education and research activities along with becoming the only higher learning institution in the country that uniquely focus in MRV related fields, namely forestry and natural resource management.


Successful past development and capacity building efforts that reflect WGCFNR’s institutional dynamicity
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National Measuring, Reporting and Verification Capacity Building Towards Climate Resilient Development in Ethiopia.

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