Mission and vision

Mission, Vision and Objectives of the MRVCC


The mission of the MRV capacity center is contributing to the achievement of Ethiopia's REDD+ and CRGE goals through education and research in MRV as well as serving as a resource center on MRV related issue.


The MRVCC envisions becoming a nationally and internationally recognized institute that trains manpower at different levels while maintaining high standards in Education, Training and Research in MRV and other fields related to climate change by 2030.


The Objectives of the MRVCC are as follows:

  • To contribute to CRGE and poverty alleviation by exploring Ethiopia’s comparative advantage in fostering greener economy through interdisciplinary research;
  • To support the training (postgraduate and short-term) and research programs that will help generate the critical mass and cross-institutional synergies taking advantage of the opportunities under CRGE;
  • To contribute to carbon trade for the benefit of the country and communities;
  • To support participatory MRV system by ensuring that the local communities will actively participate in field data collection and monitoring;
  • To provide support on advocacy and policy development in relation to MRV and CRGE;
  • To be an intellectual center of excellence that generally draws upon the contemporary scientific and indigenous knowledge base and best practices elsewhere; and
  • To strengthen national and international networking.


National Measuring, Reporting and Verification Capacity Building Towards Climate Resilient Development in Ethiopia.

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